A Full and Free Electrical program for Autocad 2015 - 2020
Created by AKAT

About UsE

UsE is full electrical drawing program in autocad

you can not only draw with it,but you can connect everything to each other
to make the drawing 1 big electrical system.

See how it's done
From scratch to a distributor schema generation in just 5 minutes.

Download UsE for free!

You can download UsE for free, however donations are very much appreciated

Releasedate : Begin 2018

Download here.

Tutorials UsE

The tutorials below are dutch spoken and english subtitled.

How to draw cable ducts.

How to draw lighting.

How to calculate the inrush current of lighting.

How to use standard fixture lists.

How to draw cicuit breakers and tap-off units. (part 1 and 2)

part 1 part 2

How to draw frames and titleblocks and generate sheetlists. (part 1 and 2)

part 1 part 2

How to create a retail standard.

How to automatic calculate cablelength.

UsExtra a set of UsEfull commands (click here).

UsE the other free stuff to work faster!


Color Revision

Change the status of components the fast way.




press the + button, Select (M)texts which are numbers and / or (poly)lines.

The sum of the (M)texts and / or the lengths of the (poly)lines are added up, the total is displayed in the commandline and can be put in a selected text.

download SuMiT


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